Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Team Tryouts

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Tryouts will be held at Pacesetter Park, in the back of the park. Registration/sign in at pavilion. In case of inclement weather the tryouts may be rescheduled. Information will be posted, the day of on the club rain line: 419-885-3140, x411.

All players at a restricted tryout must be unrostered or must present a completed release form or carry written permission from their current coach before that player may participate. [OYSAN Registration Policy III, 2 (C)]

Arrive to all sessions 15-20 minutes early.
Bring water bottle and soccer ball.
Wear shin guards and cleats.

For additional information: Call (419) 885-3140

Boys Teams Try-Out Dates 2014 at Pacesetter Park
Team Date Time
u8 Boys Wednesday May 21st 5:30-7:00pm
u9 Boys Wednesday May 28th 5:30-7:00pm
u10 Boys Monday June 9th 6:30-8:00pm
u11 Boys Tuesday June 10 5:30-7:00pm
u12 Boys Wednesday June 11 5:30-7:00pm
u13 Boys Tuesday June 10 7:00-8:30pm
u14 Boys Wednesday June 11 7:00-8:30pm
u15 Boys Thursday June 12th 5:30-7:00pm
u16 Boys Friday June 13th 5:30-7:00pm
u17 Boys Thursday June 12th 7:00-8:30pm
u18 Boys Friday June 13th 7:00-8:30pm
Girls Teams Try-Out Dates 2014 at Pacesetter Park
Team Date Time
u8 Girls Tuesday May 20th 5:00-6:30pm
u9 Girls Wednesday May 28th 5:00-6:30pm
u10 Girls Monday June 2 5:00-6:30pm
u11 Girls Tuesday June 10 5:00-6:30pm
u12 Girls Wednesday June 11 5:00-6:30pm
u13 Girls Tuesday June 10 6:30-8:00pm
u14 Girls Wednesday June 11 6:30-8:00pm
u15 Girls Thursday June 12th 5:00-6:30pm
u16 Girls Friday June 13th 5:00-6:30pm
u17 Girls Thursday June 12th 6:30-8:00pm
u18 Girls Friday June 13th 6:30-8:00pm